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Mechanical engineering is the discipline of engineering, which deals with branches like thermal engineering, manufacturing engineering, robotics, Computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, fluid mechanics and many more. Mechanical engineering is one of the highest demand engineering branches. It is a branch with deals with a variety of subjects to be studied. Anyone interested in such things can join the stream as a career.


One can land into a mechanical engineering job after completing his diploma or bachelor in mechanical engineering. there are universities which provides such degrees like diploma in mechanical engineering, or bachelor in mechanical engineering, etc. One can also go for masters and Ph.d. if interested in further studies. There are some famous universities like IITs, where you can join the institute if you can pass the JEE main and JEE advanced with high grades. There are other universities also, who are providing good quality education too, it is not necessary to join IIT to become a successful mechanical engineer. It all depends on how passionate you are.


There are many ways to get a mechanical engineering job. let’s go through some of them.

1. College placement: Generally many organizations have this tradition, to go to institute, take interviews and hire candidates. If your college has a good reputation, then there will be companies coming there for placement. You can get a job in this way.

2. Apply on job search sites: There are many job search sites, who can help you to land a job. All you need to do is create a good and professional profile along with your details and resume and start applying for whatever job you find suitable for you. Naukaridotcom, timesjob, monsterdotcom, indeed are some of the famous job search sites.

3. Walk in interview: Some companies need urgent hiring. They publish in local newspapers for any jobs available. You need to be aware of if any jobs are available for that. The process of hiring is as fast as they need urgent employees.

4. Placement agency: Some agencies have tied with organizations and companies to provide talented and qualified employees. You can apply to those agencies, they will help you whenever a job interview is available and update about the same. All they will ask for one time commission whenever you get the job.


Generally, four common rounds can be there for placement. It can vary from company to company.

1. Test: In this round candidates need to pass online of the offline test. It may contain technical questions and sometimes questions from aptitude and reasoning. Topic: Refer your books for technical questions and online tests available on the internet, and for practicing aptitude and reasoning questions you can visit sites like indiabixdotcom.

2. Group discussion: The interviewer give a topic to a group of 5-10 people. Then the group discussion about it for 10 minutes about the pros and cons and finally conclude. The interviewer observes every candidate and pick some of them for further round from the factors like communication skill, body language, knowledge, etc. Tip: Refer to online articles and videos, and practice groups discuss along with your friend group on any trending topic.

3. Technical and HR interview: In technical interview Candidates are being asked questions from the mechanical engineering stream. Where in HR interview different kind of HR questions is being asked like ‘why do you want to join our organization’, ‘where do you see your self after five years’, etc. Tip: You can watch YouTube videos and read articles for tips about cracking an interview. Also, try to practice interviews among your friends. visit now for latest quotation

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