How to prepare for a web developer job

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How to prepare for a web developer job

With the increasing amount of mobile users and development of tech companies, e-commerce companies, as well as people, are understanding importance of having an online presence and digital marketing, increasing web development trends and introduction of new technologies the demand of web developer is increasing day by day. According to research done by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (under Employment Projections program) employment of web developer is expected to grow 13 per cent of 2013 to 2028, and comparing this numbers with another job this number is much faster. Thus there is no doubt that the demand of web developer is increasing and it’s a good field to step in


While there are some companies and organisations who don’t ask for a college degree or minimum educational qualification (what they ask for is your knowledge, experience and project work done by you) there are some companies who asked for minimum qualifications of either diploma or a bachelor degree in any computer science program. Talking about knowledge on the subjects it depends on what field inside web developer you are going to choose. Either you can go into front end development or you can choose back end development. You can also go for full stack web developer career if you hold a good grip in both front end and back end development. If you are interested in front end development you must have knowledge about the basic knowledge of the following language

  • HTML (hypertext markup language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JS (JavaScript)

HTML and CSS are markup languages, and JS is a scripting language, everything you see on every website in the frontend is made by these three languages. If you are someone who is interested in backend you must be having knowledge about backend languages like PHP, Python, Rubi on rail and node js etc. And you guessed it right, for full-stack web development you should be having knowledge about all of these languages.


Generally in any interview of web developer questions from all these languages are being asked. You should be having knowledge about those. The selection format of hiring candidate varies from company to company but most of them are in the following format. • • • • •

  • 1. Test
  • 2. Group discussion
  • 3. Interview
  • 4. Test: Generally multiple-choice questions are being asked. The test can be solely revolving around technical questions from the field. Sometimes questions from aptitude and reasoning are also being asked. Generally, employers already reveal what type of test it’s going to be, and what type of questions will be asked. (Tip: Google the sample test format and questions being asked)
  • 5. Group discussion: It’s a shortlisting process to shortlist a few candidates from a group of people for further round. A general topic is given, and the candidate discusses it and came to a conclusion. Interviewer observe body language, skills and knowledge and shortlist them. (tip: watch YouTube videos and Google for GD tips)
  • 6. Interview: It can be in one step or two. One is a technical interview, where the interviewer asked technical questions from coding language and other web development field. In HR interview general HR question is asked. (refer site like indiabix and read about interview experience of other people and tips)


you can apply for a job through following ways

  • Campus placement in your institute (if you are in college )
  • Job searching sites (naukaridotcom, indeed, monster, times job are some famous sites)
  • Walk-in-interview (Keep looking for new updates in internet and newspapers)
  • Social media (Join internet groups in facebook, keep looking in LinkedIn feed etc)
  • Freelancing ( You can also start freelancing and get a project by applying in freelancing sites, it’s also a good option.

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